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15 June 2013

Pai to the Rescue

Hello friends,

have you ever had a skin crisis? I did, and it made me literally want to have a zipper and take my skin off.

I recently tried and reviewed the Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation, see the review Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation Review

It had quite a bad effect on my skin and I needed to put on the brakes with my cosmetics to get my skin back into a healthy and happy state. I normally use several different brands, but in this case I used only 3 products for the duration of 2 weeks ( and oy veh, no make up).

For Cleansing: a handmade facial soap which I made myself (pictures will come shortly, along with an update of my curing rack)

For Toning: The Pai Rice Plant and Rosemary Toner. It is completely alcohol free and was created to sooth and calm irritated skin, especially oily or combination skin. It contains "living waters" that were directly extracted from the plant. I am not sure what "living waters" are, but they sure do nice things for the skin. I spritzed it directly onto my face and gently patted it in. It really soothes, and smells comforting and calming. My skin was in stress, and this helped to de-stress it with a gentle cooling effect. The Rosemary has helped to sooth and re-balance my super congested skin. 

For Moisturizing: the Pai Geranium and Thistle Combination Skin Cream. This, even more than the toner, is a little miracle worker. Initially I was not sure if I should use it at all, as it is made with oils, but looking at their website this is specifically designed for combination skin, so on the face it went. And it is oh so nice! It moisturizes very well, but does not overwhelm the skin. It just gives enough, not too much. It soothes and balances, so the skin does not get into oil overdrive. I am sure all you oily skin girls out there have experienced this. In addition to the Geranium and Thistle it contains lavender, manuka and basil. 

Using these two I was able to almost forget about my skin, because it was recovering, relaxed and happy-er.

After 2 weeks most of the bumps are gone and my skin is almost back to where it was.

I highly recommend Pai Skincare for all skin types, but especially for you sensitive ladies.

Go check out their website: Pai Skincare.

If you are not sure if those products are for you, they offer a sample set of 6 products to try: Pai Sample Set

Have you ever had a skin crisis? 
What products did you use?
Have you tried Pai Skincare?

Leave me a comment with your experiences, i would love to know. 

14 June 2013

Soap Club Challenge - We have a winner!

Congratulations to the lovely Tanya Bainbridge! Her entry was truly spectacular.

You can see her entry here: Tanya's Winning Peacock Swirl Soap Challenge Entry.

I placed 7th, out of 77 entries, and yes I am proud. I will have to practice my technique some more, but overall a respectable result.

Thanks again Amy for hosting the challenge, it was so much fun. I cannot wait for the next one.



09 June 2013

Soap Challenge Club - The Peacock Swirl - Day 2

Hello Friends,

I just wanted to show you how my soap looks like unmolded and cut.

I unmolded it too soon, it was still quite soft, but I just could not wait any longer.

What do you think?

I also made a lather test, and boy does this baby bubble. Just about 24 hours after I made it:

I call this a result. Excellent. 

Thank you Amy for the challenge!

On to the next one.

Bisous from Rebekka

08 June 2013

Soap Challenge Club - The Peacock Swirl

Hello friends,

today I created my soap with the Peacock Swirl for the Soap Challenge Club with Amy Warden. I have never attempted anything complex as this. Plus the fact that this is only the 10th time that I made soap in my life... I was nervous. 

Amy did however give excellent instructions, so I went all in, here goes: 

*Preparation is EVERYTHING!*

Preparation really is everything for this challenge. Here you can see that I have everything set up, ready to go.
*getting started with my colors*
*Mixing my colors*

For my colors I chose a bright yellow, an orange, a green and a dark purple. The fragrance is Energy.

Here you can see how I put the color into the bottle, so it is ready when I have mixed my soap batter. See my little finger, how I am pretending to be posh? 
The process went very well and smooth. Normally I am very impatient, I am also that kind of person who improvises,  don't always follow the outset plan and get ideas as I go along (which has been my downfall let me tell you...). But in this case I behaved and did everything by the book.

I marked my mold to remember what way the swirl has to go. I would also like to thank the person who advised me to practice the swirl beforehand, "dry" so to speak, as it can get confusing when you have not done this before. I am sorry, I don't remember your name, but a BIG THANK YOU to you.

I am starting to pour my colors in. With soap making one always has to be on one's toes, as unexpected things can happen, or expected things suddenly happen very quickly.  I decided to trust Amy's recipe and waited a few minutes as I felt the batter was a bit thin.
Once the bottles were half empty I placed them on their side, rather than standing them back up. This eased the flow of the colors and helped to prevent air bubbles. I did have a few air bubbles, but after the swirl you almost cannot tell anymore.

I am getting ready to pull the comb through. Another nervous point, as I have heard from other soapers that the batter underneath had set up for them and the combing did not turn out well. But this really is the slowest recipe ever. The batter was at a perfect consistency, liquid enough to pull the comb through, but not like water. The texture was like nail polish, if that helps anyone. I could not believe how quickly this was done. This is a fun part, I could do the combing all day. Anyone have a soap factory doing the peacock swirl? You can totally hire me as a "comber". 

This is how it looked like after combing. Isn't that pretty? My oh my. For the sparkle I incorporated another technique, which is the Mica Top Swirl.

Now on to the exciting part, the Peacock Swirl itself. I could not find anything with the right shape to do the swirl with, so I re purposed a pencil, which I felt had the right size and shape.

Unfortunately my photography assistant (=hubby) was called into work (yes, on a Saturday!), so I have no pictures how I did the swirl.

For the first ever attempt I think it turned out pretty well, if I may say so myself.

Please give me your feedback, I would really appreciate this. There is an awesome price at stake, and I would really love to win. But I know that all these super talented people are competing, so I am not sure if I stand a chance. I have already seen a few entries and was floored.

Overall I loved loved loved this challenge. It was so much fun to learn something that I would not have attempted on my own. Like Soap School. 

The main points I have learned in this challenge were preparation, bravery and consistency. 

I cannot wait to see all the other entries and how the voting turns out.

Leave me a comment if you have ever attempted this, and what your difficulties were. Once the soap is hardened and cut I will post more pictures tomorrow.

I am so excited for the next challenge, I wish there was a real Soap School, like a College Course you can take, and Kevin Dunn and Anne-Marie Faiola are the teachers 

Until next time.

Bisous from Rebekka